Photo Diary: On Tour with Destroy Boys

In April 2019, Sarah and her friends followed all-time-favorite garage rock band Destroy Boys through Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, and Wisconsin. All photos by Sarah unless stated otherwise. Listen to the interview here or read it here!

Destroy Boys outside The Ready Room in St. Louis.
Gas station somewhere along the way.
Munz outside a venue after dark.
“I want my egg McMuffin!” – Munz
Band-Aids: Ian, Wenz, Munz, Mallory, Sarah, Weronika, Ashley, and Kayleigh.
Ashley at The Golden Nugget.
Munz at The Golden Nugget.
Mallory, also at The Golden Nugget.
Weronika in her bedroom before a show in Chicago.
At an antique store.
Some podunk town.
A waterfall.
Sarah absorbing sunlight for once.
By Mallory.
An abandoned house in St. Louis.
Sarah and Munz.
I think Mallory’s mom took this one.
Stomp stomp! (Munz’s shoes)
Munz outside The Ready Room.
Band-Aids: Mallory, Mallory’s mom, Bethany, Munz, and Munz’s sister.
The Ready Room.
In St. Louis.
Twistee Treat Diner
Pink Elephant Antique Mall
Twistee Treat Diner
Twistee Treat Diner
Twistee Treat Diner

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