Interview with Tacocat

Tacocat by Helen Moga

We got on Zoom with Bree from the Seattle punk band Tacocat to talk about favorite snacks, horse girls, and the X-Files.

What’s your favorite unconventional snack?

Bree: Ooh, when I think of unconventional snacks I kind of just go to tour food. I don’t have anything that exciting. I love gas station nachos, like the pump cheese, which is gross. On the road I would eat lots of pepperoni sticks, which is also gross. For whatever reason, those are my most popular snacks on the road.

Your most popular song is “I Hate the Weekend.” If you had to pick, what’s your favorite day of the week and why?

Bree: I always worked at music venues, so I always hated the weekends because that’s work time. I really like Tuesdays. That’s my day off, that I can just hang out on. That’s my weekend.

by Helen Moga

You have a song called “Horse Grrls.” Were you a horse girl, or a dolphin girl, or anything of the sort?

Bree: I was actually the horse girl! That song was about my experiences because I was interested in just horses until I was like, seventeen.

Weronika: Me too.

Bree: It’s such a funny state you get in. How was your horse girl phase?

Weronika: It started when I was in elementary school, because I had a friend that did summer day camp at stables maybe forty minutes away from where we lived, and she roped me into it. It was a fun little community of other horse girls. It was just fun, I did that for I don’t know how many years. Maybe until I was like 15, 16. But it was fun.

Bree: I don’t know what it is about horses, but you get obsessed with every horse media. I saw the horse books, all the horse movies, I checked out like, How To Draw Horses. It completely consumed my life, and then I was like “Wait, what just happened?”.

Weronika: When I was in middle school, I would take my DSLR camera and practice taking photos at the barn. That was my little side hustle, posting on that Instagram. I made mutuals through that, so that was my little start to engaging with online community friends and engaging with people that way.

Bree: What was your horseish blog called?

Weronika: I deactivated it long ago, but it was called Fly With Me, because when you’re jumping on a horse it kind of feels like that. I was a super cool kid.

by Helen Moga

What advice would you give your 15-year-old self?

Bree: Don’t invest every single ounce of your energy into horses. Embarrassment is a fake thing and it’s all in your head and you don’t need to acknowledge it. That was a thing I went through, I was so embarrassed and so self-conscious. That was a not a thing that needed to be consuming me.

Another great song is “Dana Katherine Scully.” What’s your favorite episode or scene of the X Files?

Bree: Emily, our singer, was into the whole storyline of The X Files. But I’m into the monster episodes, where they’re just kind of like “monster of the week” sort of, where they solve a weird situation that’s happening in a town and then it wraps up. Those were the ones I liked the most. The Eve-6 episode was my favorite. It’s just a really exciting reveal at the ending, when you realize there’s so many of them. I don’t remember the plot well enough to really describe it, but I always think of it as an exciting episode. And that’s where the band Eve-6 got their name, which I think is really exciting.

Considering your music is filled with multiple pop-culture references like the X-Files, what are your thoughts on the value of music having a symbiotic relationship with pop culture?

Bree: Obviously, I’m very, very into that, because that’s what our band is doing all the time. Our band is very write-what-you-know, and what you’re interested in. That’s a fun thing to explore. Cultural references are a calling card to other things, and you can sort of find your people through that.

Do you have any pets?

Bree: No, everyone in Tacocat has a pet but me. Lila has a little scruffy poodle-y dog, and Eric has a miniature weiner dog. Emily is really into her cat. I want a pet raccoon someday, but they’re really bad pets. But they’re so cute.

Weronika: Are they even legal to have as pets?

Bree: They sure aren’t, in a lot of states. I follow all these raccoon pet accounts. There’s a couple states you can have them. People who have them as pets are like, ‘This is really hard, they’re constantly getting into my stuff, all my possessions are destroyed, it’s not that easy.’ But they’re so cute!

Sarah: The animals on my college campus are pretty much domesticated. Like the squirrels will come up and lick your hand and stuff. The raccoons will get kind of close, I’ve never been licked by one. But it’s definitely interesting.

Bree: Yeah, they’re so smart! I guess they get into things with their little hands and are tearing things apart. They’re too smart to have as pets.

Weronika: I see foxes as pets a lot too. I don’t know the legal standing on that, either, but they seem kinda in the same vein.

Bree: Wild animals are traditionally not pets, but a girl can dream, you know?

by Helen Moga

You touch on feminism and things like mansplaining in your songs. Would you like to share some of your experiences in the industry, and do you think that environment is changing during your time as a musician? Why or why not?

Bree: We started this band so long ago that it just felt like there was literally no women in bands in the small punk scene we were in. We made our band just to kind of play parties and stuff. Just because it kind of seemed fun. As it progressed, we started to see there were weird problems with sexism in different parts of the country. Creepy guys, or people who aren’t taking us seriously for so long. It’s so much more prevalent in an unprofessional environment, like DIY venues in Texas or whatever, or house parties when we would play on tour. That’s where it was a bigger problem. It’s progressed a lot, but I think that young women starting out probably still face that on smaller levels.

by Helen Moga

What sort of first impression do you hope your music has on someone who is a first-time listener?

Bree: I hope they find it fun and can relate to our sense of humor, because that’s a huge part of the personality of our music and what we want to get across.

Last one’s a fun one. Judging from your Instagram, you’re a pretty colorful bunch. What color would you be, and why?

Bree: Orange. That’s my favorite color. A kind of yellowy-orange. I like how it’s so bright and fun and feels good. It’s a happy, stoked color.


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