Interview with Grumpster

Bay area pop punk band Grumpster

In December, Jillian and Sarah got on Zoom to interview Bay area pop-punk band Grumpster. In this interview, Grumpster discuss picking your nose, the pros and cons of becoming a ghost in the 924 Gilman bathroom, and getting roasted by your neighbors. You can watch this interview here!





Have your neighbors ever done anything crazy to retaliate against your loud rehearsals?

Lalo: Storyville.

Falyn: Oh yeah. Not here, this is like a practice space so it’s fine. But I used to live in this apartment, and we would throw shows there and stuff and no one ever complained about the noise. But one day Lalo and I were out in the parking lot and our downstairs neighbors came out and just started screaming at us and roasting me.

Lalo: Like ‘You can’t sing in pitch.’

Falyn: They were like, ‘We hear your band all the time and you guys suck!’ and we were like ‘Thank you.’ And they went back inside and that was that.

Lalo: We were being loud, and jumping up and down. That was one of the craziest.

Falyn: But they were fine with the shows happening?

What was your Spotify wrapped?

Noel: I just posted mine on Instagram. Mine’s Apple Music wrapped. My top five were: Clairo, Poppy, Anti-Flag, and the Strokes. And then Alkaline Trio.

Lalo: So cool.

Falyn: Mine was like, Alkaline Trio, Green Day, AFI…

Lalo: So basically, the same group three times. Those are all the same bands. Mine was The Beatles, Alkaline Trio, Orville Peck, Trophy Eyes, and Nirvana. Orville Peck is the best.

Are there any hobbies you have that no one would expect of you, being in a punk band and all?

Falyn: Oh jeez.

Lalo: I can’t talk about it. This one I can talk about. I love football. I’m obsessed with football. People don’t really expect that, but I obsess over football. I don’t really like other sports though, it’s only football.

Noel: I run. I run a lot.

Lalo: Yeah, you do run a lot. And he loves weed.

Noel: That’s not surprising. That’s predictable. I also love sports.

Falyn: He loves basketball.

Lalo: He wears basketball jerseys and stuff. So embarrassing.

Noel: I’m kind of good at it.

Falyn: I cannot stand the sound of sports. If sports are in the background I’m like, “Uaaah!”. My unpredictable quality is that I’m a jock. I exercise a lot, and lift weights.

Sarah: A jock that hates sports? Just to be clear?

Falyn: I’m a weightlifting jock. I’m a meathead.

Noel: The rest of mine are predictable, like skateboarding.

Lalo: I play Call of Duty a lot.

Noel: I love cleaning. Oh my god, do I love cleaning. I love a good vacuum, I treated myself to a three-hundred-dollar vacuum. Oof! So good.

Falyn: It’s so annoying. Noel is like a sixty-year-old. It’s like living with your parents.

Lalo: He’s lucky he’s good at drums.

Show us your dog!

Falyn: Dexter? I don’t have him here. My handsome son. He’s a very good boy. Lalo is his dog-father, which means if I die Lalo gets Dexter.

Noel: And if they both die, I get Dexter.

Falyn: I don’t know what he is. My mom got me a DNA test for him for my birthday, and we find out in two or three weeks. I think he’s probably a full husky, but he’s just really big.

Noel: Quarter German Shepherd is my guess.

How’s the motorcycle?

Falyn: It’s good.


Falyn: Okay, I got in a crash. I wasn’t very public about it because I was embarrassed. This is the first time anyone’s hearing about it. But my friend rebuilt it for me and it’s awesome.

Lalo: We’re breaking this here.

Falyn: It’s good other than that, I’m not scared of it anymore. I’m glad I got my first crash out of the way. I allow myself one crash per life, and I got it.

Lalo: Don’t say that.

Noel: Don’t jinx anything.

Falyn: Well, I still have it, and it’s awesome, and it’s rebuilt.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever been recognized?

Falyn: One time I got off an airplane and I was walking into the airport, and there was a guy standing right there and he was like, “I really like your band!” and I was like “What?”. That was it. He was getting on, I was getting off.

Noel: I used to work next to a public market thing, so indoors with a lot of food places. I was on my lunch break. I must’ve been having a bad day at work because I was not really in the mood. I was sitting there eating Korean BBQ or something.

Falyn: You were probably slurping it up. I can’t believe they approached you.

Noel: They came up behind me and were like, “Hey, I just think I saw you at Gilman the other night. That was sick, dude.” He was like, “I know you’re probably on your lunch break, I’ll leave you alone.” That was nice, dude.

Lalo: I don’t necessarily have a weird place.

Falyn: You have a cool story, though.

Lalo: I have a lot of random stories. I have an awkward situation where I wasn’t recognized. At the line for the release show in November, there was this girl who had taken one of our old shirts and custom tie-dye bleached it. I said I really liked her shirt and it was really cool, and she gave me this really stank look. She had no idea who I was and thought I was being weird about it. I didn’t say anything, I was like okay, cool! And I just walked away.

Falyn: She was probably like “Dammit!”

What was your favorite music in middle school?

Falyn: Oh jeez.

Noel: It was definitely Linkin Park and Jimi Hendrix. Like 6th grade, those were the two hoodies I rotated between.

Falyn: Middle school for me, I listened to a lot of Green Day. But I also liked Papa Roach and The Fray. It was like, “Huh?”. I think Green Day is the sweet middle ground between the two of those other bands.

Lalo: I mostly listened to Bay Area rap, like Two Short, stuff like that. Sean Paul, I liked a lot of Sean Paul. Temperature, stuff like that. That was on my iPod in middle school.


Lalo: American Idiot came out when I was in seventh grade, I think. Perfect time to be into that kind of thing. I was listening to a lot more rap music back then.

Noel: You know what album I was really into? I was really into that debut Maroon 5 album. Maroon 5 was cool back then.

Falyn: At least you’re not like, “The Maroon 5 2020 album slaps.”

Sarah: I wrote Maroon 5 fanfiction in middle school, so I’m not judging you.


Lalo: I actually write fanfiction about these two.

Lalo: I respect it.

Falyn: I never said I didn’t respect it.

Do you guys like to try beer on tour? If so, what’s been your favorite?

Noel: Oh, for sure.

Falyn: Hell yeah we try beer on tour. We go to like, little local spots. I like Saisons. I liked that really cute place we went to in LA. It was tiny and cute. It was so hot out, we were like “We’re gonna pass out in this brewery.”

Noel: I don’t remember much of that day, to be honest.

Falyn: Yeah, exactly! It was too hot. We were walking there like *grunting*.

Lalo: I think my favorite one we’ve been to was the one in Portland, in that alleyway. I wish I could remember the name of it to be honest.

Falyn: Yeah, that one was good.

Lalo: They had the dog collars with the name of the brewery on it. That place was super good. I wish I could remember the name. When I’m out at a brewery, I go IPA. But if I’m drinking in the van or at shows, probably like a light PBR or something.

Falyn: I like IPAs too, but I have to make sure I only have one.

Noel: I like IPAs.

Lalo: If we’re going for beer, definitely IPAs.

Falyn: I like Lagunita’s, if we’re just hanging out. That’s not even the question. We like to go to little local breweries.

What are some weird habits you’ve picked up now that you no longer have to act socially acceptable in quarantine?

Lalo: I was just getting berated about this by my mom. I got really bad about picking my nose. She got really pissed.

Jillian: You gotta sometimes.

Falyn: I do that anyway. Mine is not showering for way longer than I typically would. Some days I’ll be like, it’s only been four days, it’s fine.

Lalo: And you don’t use soap.

Falyn: Yeah, I don’t use soap. Sometimes I’m like, “My hair looks good, I think I can go another day.” Sometimes I’ll go down to the sink and splash some water on my armpit. Sometimes I really don’t want to. I’m like, who cares? I’ll wear the same clothes for four or five days. If I’m going through a streak of not showering, I’ll wear the same outfit, too. It’s just getting dirtier with me. And I’m not dirtying up new clothes.


Lalo: You said weird? I’ve been playing a lot more video games, which I guess is unproductive. I guess that’s a bad thing. That was me in middle school and high school, I’m just reverting back to who I was then.

Falyn: Digressing.

Noel: Regressing.

Lalo: I feel like I picked up more good things than bad things during the pandemic. Surprisingly.

Falyn: We’re doing well in life, considering.

What is your dream tour lineup?

Falyn: Oh my god!

Lalo: Obviously, we would want to be on it. And Led Zeppelin?

Noel: No, no, no, no no…

Falyn: Everybody knows mine.

Sarah: Alkaline Trio?

Falyn: Ugh! Come on! Everyone knows!


Noel: You want the lineup to make sense. I would say…

Lalo: It doesn’t have to.

Noel: But I want it to. And it’s me answering the question. I would say Jawbreaker. A Jawbreaker headliner, I’d like us to open. But not direct support.

Lalo: I wasn’t expecting that, that’s cool. Dream big.

Falyn: My dream tour is Alkaline Trio, and then we’re direct support. And then before us, so the classic opener, would be MCR. And then the first opener would be Green Day.

Lalo: For me I would say headlining Nirvana, we play second. No, let me restart. Nirvana, Alkaline Trio, and then us. We open. So it’s all trios.

Falyn: Ooh, that’s a good one.

If you died and became a ghost, but you could only exist as a corporeal form in the 924 gilman bathroom, would you?

Falyn: What does corporeal mean?

Jillian: Like people can see you and interact with you. But only in the nasty, nasty 924 Gilman bathroom.

Lalo: Hell yeah.

Falyn: Yeah.

Noel: I would do it.

Lalo: You would get to listen to shows.

Falyn: Free, every night.

Noel: You’d get to see people puking, or doing whatever they’re doing in there.

Falyn: No! You’d probably see crazy shit in there.

Lalo: You could probably see out a little bit.

Falyn: Yeah, you can see out of the bathrooms. We all say yes.

Noel: Can we be a sticker? Like our eyes and mouths could be on it and we could all talk to each other.

Falyn: Group consensus is yes.

What are your upcoming plans?

Falyn: Record our second album.

Lalo: We’re like, sixty or seventy percent done writing it. And whenever shows can start we’ll star touring.

Falyn: Patiently waiting.

Lalo: I feel like we can probably start recording before shows start.

Falyn: Sooner than six months.

Noel: Way sooner than six months. January or February.

Falyn: That’s scary.

Lalo: I’d guess February. We’re working with Chris from Anti-Flag on it, which we love. That’ll be a lot of fun.

Jillian: I was super bummed you had to cancel the tour.

All: I know!

Falyn: Something good about this tour in comparison to other tours is that ours keeps getting postponed. A lot of bands just straight up canceled and were like, oh we’ll rebook it when things happen. That would make me nervous, like are we gonna lose our spot on the tour? Just a fear of mine. But ours keeps getting rescheduled.

Noel: We’ve been in contact with the guy that reached out to us to book it initially and all that. So it’s reassuring for sure to have that.

Falyn: That’s what we’ll have coming out of the pandemic, lined up already. I think it’ll be good.


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