Scrunchies Interview

Bree from Tacocat suggested we interview our name twins and fellow Midwesterners: Scrunchies! Scrunchies is a super-fun Minneapolis-based punk group formed by Laura Larson and Danielle Cusack, with Matt Castore playing bass. Their tunes are a balance of heavy-duty riffs and delicate melodies. They don’t limit themselves to one topic; their songs range from topics covering interpersonal issues to political lyrics.

In this interview, we bond over the various Midwestern stereotypes we fit, and dive into the Midwest scene, what it’s like being considered “flyover country,” and shout out different Midwestern bands. Additionally, we dive deep into our experiences as non-men in the music scene, and discuss what we can do going forward to make spaces safer. Finally, we dive into some fun topics, too! We discuss our past as horse girls and dolphin girls and go-to gas station orders on tour.


Don’t forget to check out Scrunchie on Instagram and Youtube!

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