Interview with Death Valley Girls

We interviewed the lovely and incredibly kindhearted, joyous, and sweet Bonnie Bloomgarden of Death Valley Girls!

Bonnie Bloomgarden fronts apocalyptic LA rock-n-roll band Death Valley Girls. Death Valley Girls have a striking, powerful sonic quality that makes one feel possessed (or perhaps necromanced) by a feminine, supernatural energy. The first time I heard a Death Valley Girls song (“Disaster Is What We’re After”), I became energized with visions of chanting cults, demonic possession, and white-eyed, pupil-less undead women. Their music is out of this dimension, and I can see why Iggy Pop called them “a gift to the world.”

In this interview with Bonnie Bloomgarden, we were able to dive into some interesting and rather deep concepts. We discussed the importance of joy in one’s day to day life and wellbeing, what spirituality means to us, and our beliefs in the extraterrestrial and otherworldly. We also touched on some fun, lighthearted topics too, like rumors about Topo Chico containing molly, our love of Fritos, Takis, and other salty snacks, and our daydreams about time travel. Tune in and check it out!

Death Valley Girls shot by Shit Show Dave


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