Interview with The Paranoyds

We interviewed three members of the fashionable punk quartet The Paranoyds! In this interview, Sarah and Weronika chat with Staz Lindes (bass, vocals), Laila Hashemi (keyboard, vocals), and Lexi Funston (guitar and vocals).

In this interview, we hear the bands’ insights on social media and how it makes them “paranoid.” According to Staz, social media has evolved negatively over the past decade. Though it began as a way to connect with others who have shared interests, through capitalism it has become something less community based. Instead, it has become a way of “painting your life on a screen” rather than just living it.

On a similar note, we dive into the cultural impact of celebrity culture in the early 2000s and how that has influenced their work, as well as the way this celebrity culture has evolved with social media and influencers.

We also get the inside scoop on the process of making their music video for “Egg Salad,” which dropped on March 8th through Suicide Squeeze records. It stars Natalie Molina (and, of course, The Paranoyds) and was directed by an up-and-coming young director from Peru, Nicole Stunwyck. This video features themes of brainwashing and beauty queens.

Finally, we cover some fun topics too, like go-to gas station orders, the bands’ dreams of touring stadiums with a dad rock band, and favorite accessories.

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