Q&A with Christopher Taylor

Yorkshire-based singer-songwriter Christopher Taylor answered some short questions for us!

What was your first impression of your bandmates when you met?

I’ve met and worked with numerous bandmates over the years and I’m always struck by their enthusiasm.  I’ve been really lucky with the musicians I’ve met and worked with.  The guys I’m currently gigging with (Jack and Jamie) are great musicians and we have a brilliant chemistry together that I’m sure comes across when we’re on stage. I do quite a lot of solo gigs but really love playing with the full band.

What is your favorite memory playing shows? 

There’s quite a few fave memories, but my first gig has got to be one of the most special. I was in my teens playing in a band with youth club  friends and the reaction of the audience just got me hooked on performing and I knew there and then I wanted to do it full time. I still love that feeling just before going on stage, it’s brilliant.

What artist would be your dream collaboration?

I’d love to do some songs with Madeon (Hugo Pierre Leclercq) who’s a French musician, DJ, record producer, singer and songwriter. One of my favourite albums is his Adventure (Deluxe). On that he works with singers like Dan Smith from Bastille and Mark Foster of Foster the People. See if you can put us in contact with each other that would be great!

What song are you most proud of and why?

I think it would have to be “More Than I Will Ever Be.”  Couple of reasons, I released it 7 years ago (after I’d just gone back to playing music full time again) and it was my first song back in collaboration with my old school friend, Stephen Cree, who writes great lyrics. Since then we’ve worked on many many songs.  It was also my first song picked up and played on BBC Introducing. So it holds some very fond memories.

What is your go-to gas station order?

Interesting question. Probably a Toffee Crisp or Picnic and if they’re licensed a couple of beers!!

What are some of your non-musical influences?

My parents have always been influential in what I do. And I guess throughout my life friends have also had a big influence on who I am and what I’ve become.  I love travelling and I’ve read lots of books like Lonely Planet and Driving Over Lemons by Chris Stewart and as a result I’ve been itching to get in a camper van and go round Europe with my guitar (sorry something musical).  Maybe once the pandemic is over!

What advice would you give to your younger self? 

Go to Canada!! I was a full time musician in a band playing bass and lead vocals.  It was a covers Club and Theatre band and we were playing a gig in Doncaster when an agent came up and offered me the chance to go to Canada and work.  I did some serious thinking but you know I can’t remember why I didn’t go – well maybe I can but I’m not baring my soul here 😉

What are your goals for the year? 

I’d have to say I feel I’ve already achieved some of the goals I thought about when I was younger. I feel really humbled that in the age of the internet that my music is played on all sorts of digital and fm radio stations across the world, and if you’d offered that to me in my teens I would have snapped your hand off!

I’ve recently recorded 3 tunes with my friends at the Animal Farm studios. Really enjoying working with Ville and Mat there. We are One was out last November. North Star is out now – just released 26 March and then By my side is out in June. Hoping to get back to their studio for another burst of creativity in the summer.  Gigs are starting to come in again now so hopefully in  to the summer there will be some news and I’ll keep people posted on my web site and socials. But more recording and gigging definitely – I’ve really missed playing live gigs this year and when performing is in your DNA you can imagine how frustrating that can be. I would love to play support gigs to some big names at big venues and a bit of fame would be nice 😉

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