Q&A with Heedless Elegance

Samuel Konter, lead vocalist of Budapest-based metal band Heedless Elegance, answered a few quick questions for us!

What was your first impression of your bandmates when you met?

I loved everyone from the first moment.

With Zsolt we are friends since 2009 I think, we had a band together before we formed Heedless, so we know each other very well. We had a lot of line-up changes in the beginning so Albert, Matyi, and Dani were joining the band one by one after one person was kicked out or wanted to leave.

Matyi joined us first, he came to one of our first shows with our dear friend Boti, and after the show he introduced him to us, that was the first time we met, and Boti said he is a bass player. After the next weeks, we had to say goodbye to our bass player so we asked Matyi to play with us. Something similar happened with Dani as well, first he came to one of our shows, then we had to say goodbye to our guitarist, and one hour after the incidence we had the first rehearsal with him and next week our first show together. It was tough for him, because the situation and the faces were new, and that time we had the hardest time in the band emotionally because of the changes we needed to face.

We laughed about this with him that he had no idea what was going on, he just came to play the songs, not really knew our names, and he jumped into the middle of our crises as a band. Luckily everything went well and he stayed with us. Albert closed the circle. After our drummer left us one week before our show we needed help. Alberts brother Bence used to play with us for a few gigs, he was the guy who could help us out but he wasn’t available, so he said his brother now can help. We did the show and we said to Albert that “You know that we won’t let you go, and if you want to leave, than we have to break your legs“

Luckily it was not necessary, cause finally he stayed. That is our final line up, I love all of them so much, and I’m proud I can be in a band with amazing and talented people. 

What is your favorite memory playing shows? 

For me it is about release. When I step on the stage I’m in a different dimension and when the gig is over I step back to our reality. The best memory is that I’m able to remember that I can do this, and I can switch and for the length of the concert I can entertain while I’m healing inside.

What artist would be your dream collaboration?

Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots for sure, he is like a “lost brother” to me, he is my biggest influence as an individual artist or performer. I’m sure we would be able to make amazing things together if life would be that generous to open a path in or reality to make it happen. 

What song are you most proud of and why?

Now the whole new album “LIBRA” is my favourite from the beginning till the end, it feels like all the songs from this material are my children, I love to play them all. I can’t choose from these songs.

What is your go-to gas station order?

Usually a triangle sandwich, water and if it’s midnight and we are after a show, a bottle of whisky.

What are some of your non-musical influences?

These days mostly video games, movies, books and my dreams!

What advice would you give to your younger self? 

 I would go back to my 10 years old me and give myself a big punch on the face for giving up on the piano. It would be a big advantage for me with the song writing if I could play more professionally than I could play now.

What are your goals for the year? 

I think we can forget 2021 and focus on 2022. In 2021 we will have 2 major concerts in Budapest, I hope we can have those events and in the meantime we are planning our tours for 2022.

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