Interview with Suzie True

LA pop band Suzie True

We interviewed G and Lexi from Suzie True! Suzie True define themselves as a mix of LA trashy pop and crybaby pop punk, and have serious slumber party vibes. Lexi sings and G plays guitar. In this interview, we talk about our favorite childhood computer games, their fondness of the Powerpuff Girls and yerba mate, and finally their plans to release an LP with bad bitch energy sometime next year.





What’s your go-to gas station order?

G: This is gonna be embarrassing.

Lexi: Mine is honestly a big ass shitty coffee.

G: You know, mine has to be at least one yerba mate and maybe like a giant water.

Lexi: A giant sparkling water.

G: Yeah, snacks. Chips probably. But depends on my mood.

Weronika: What even is yerba mate? That’s not really a thing in the Midwest but I always see people from California drinking it.

G: A phenomenon brought to you by Suzie True. Yeah. It’s just like a super caffeinated tea. It’s like a tasty like, sweet tea almost. But it’s just super super energy filled.

Lexi: It’s just very caffeinated. Then they’ll make them like mint or berry or something. But they’re really good.

G: Be warned though. You might stay up a long time if you’re sensitive to caffeine. So you know.

You describe yourselves as “if The Powerpuff Girls started a Blink 182 cover band”. Which Powerpuff Girl would all of you be?

Lexi: I feel like honestly, I feel like we all like have traits of each one, not to give the cop out answer. But like, because I was gonna say she’s Buttercup, but then you’re also Blossom and you’re also Bubbles.

G: We’re all three probably. When we do the colors, though. You’re always green. I’m red, and our drummer is blue.

Lexi: Just like a nice healthy mix.

LA pop band Suzie True

You guys announced a show on July 2nd! What have you missed most about live music?

Lexi: Definitely connecting with people. I think that was a big thing with a pandemic for a lot of bands, where it’s like you’re not meeting new people. You’re not playing for new people. I’m happy to just be around people again and meet the other bands and see them play.

What has been keeping you creatively motivated for the past year and a half?

Lexi: Spite. That’s not true. Well, it’s a little true.

G: I don’t know if that’s my answer.

Lexi: Honestly, it’s not easy. I had to really force myself because I really didn’t feel like doing music for a good portion of the pandemic. I had to really set a timer for myself, and sit down for 30 minutes to an hour and at least try to write something or practice, you know? And some days I was more motivated than others, but in general, it was really challenging.

Your album “Saddest Girl At The Party” mixes personal lyrics with a bubbly and peppy sound. What’s your songwriting process like? Where do you get your musical inspiration?

Lexi: We really like all different kids of music. I really like all the current bands right now, I really like Diet Cig, I really like Illuminati Hotties. My brain is blanking right now but there’s a million bands that I love, and our friends’ bands are awesome.

G: Yeah, it’s really cool. She will write the bare bones of the music and then bring it to practice. And we’re like, okay, let’s see what we can do. And then kind of just spice it up and see what happens, which is how we write. Sarah, our drummer, and I have very different influences than Lexi too, so you get to see how everything kind of mixes and matches and it’s really dope to see it come together.

Your most popular song references the 90s computer game Carmen Sandiego. What were some of your other favorite computer games growing up? 

Lexi: I was like, such a basic bitch child. I didn’t even play the way the world is Carmen Sandiego game. I really liked the dress up games. Like dress up Barbie, dress up Hello Kitty, like anyone that you could dress up.

G: Not 90s, but 2000s or 2010s, a lot of Sims. Definitely too many. Too many Sims. And then I don’t know if you guys know the game Diner Dash, but it ruined me because I thought I was made for the restaurant life. I’m not.

Lexi: I would play the Kim Possible version, where it was the nacho place that they would go to, and it was like Rufus and he was bringing people nachos.

LA pop band Suzie True

“Saddest Girl at the Party” is 7 months old now, how has the reception to this record impacted you?

Lexi: Seven months old. Our baby.

G: That’s crazy to think about. It feels like it came out yesterday.

Lexi: In general, like I think it’s impacted us in the way that what we had out before that was an EP, and G wasn’t even on it. It was before she joined the band. And I feel like it wasn’t an accurate representation of what we sounded like at all. It just feels really good to be like, “Yes, this is what we sound like now.”

“Bailey”, the opening track off your debut LP, details how certain friendships can impact your life in the greatest way. How does writing about a platonic relationship’s impact compare to romantic love?

Lexi: I think I’d say it’s very similar. And, like, Yeah, I would say it’s not too different, and they’re both very important to me in a way that like, our society doesn’t really place a lot of importance on.

2/3 of you recently put together a radio show via Moon Glow Radio, can you tell us more about this experience?

Lexi: We’re the two thirds! We have one we put together and then our drummer has one. Hers is called Afternoon Delight and it’s house and electronic music.

G: It’s dope. Ours is new releases, we really try to keep our ears out for new releases. Both locally and nationally, but on a DIY level.

Lexi: Definitely like queer femme BIPOC artists. The vibes are slumber party vibes. Our friend put together moonglow radio, and she just said, “Call for DJs.” And we’re like, “Hey, we should just do it and play whatever songs we like.”

Now that the pandemic is winding down, what are some of your upcoming plans?

Lexi: We’re recording next month. Next week.

G: LP 2 is coming.

Lexi: It won’t come out this year, it’ll come out next year. It felt really good to get together and write it, and we really like it. It’s like, if “Saddest Girl at the Party” grew up to be a little more of a bad bitch. Like she’s a little sad.

G: Full of spite, perhaps?

Lexi: She’s a little sad, but she’s been working on herself and she glowed up a little.

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