Interview with Jonah Roy and Paco

Paco (left) and Jonah (right) hang out with us before the show.

Sarah, Weronika, and Theo caught up with musicians and collaborators Jonah Roy, Paco (AKA Guac), and Jude (AKA J-Anthony) before the anticipated Earth Surf Skate Park show on July 3rd!

Go to gas station order?

Paco: Some sort of alcohol, maybe, for sure airheads. Those are gas. That’s all I need, tequila and airheads. 

Jonah: White cheddar cheez-its with some blue Gatorade, and throw in some Sour Punch straws. 

Jude: Yerba Mate for sure, that’s it, just a bunch of yerb. 

First impressions when you joined the band?

Jonah: I met these dudes like a week and a half ago [laughter]. 

Jude: We’ve known each other for a couple months, and then we linked up and this other guitarist in our live band just kind of pulled this shit together. 

Paco: In like two weeks. 

Jonah: First impression of Paco? Soundcloud rapper, long hair ass motherfucker, Youtube type beats, all around great individual. 

How does it feel to be playing a live show after the pandemic?

Jonah: I think it’s fucking amazing. A lot of people are vaxxed. I am, thank god. It just goes to show how crazy it is that that even happened, you know. 

Paco: Corona hitting the hay has been the best thing to happen. I’ve been fiending to play a live show. This is our first for real live show with a band, not in a backyard. 

Jude: Disregarding the pandemic, this is crazy. Like even without the pandemic. 

What was the process of putting this together like?

Jonah: The headliners, Bleach, hit us up and were like, “Hey man, we went for coffee with the Scamps and we want you to play the show.” I didn’t even say yes or no, I was just like “Alright, I’m there.”

Paco: That was it, that was it. 

Paco during his live set.

How do you think you’ve grown as artists during the pandemic? 

Jonah: I think the pandemic really opened our eyes to the fact that nothing really matters in the world, like us as humans. Everything is just an individual human experience. And I feel like me personally as an artist over the pandemic, I really took time for myself and tried to learn things about myself that I didn’t know before, because we all had so much time. 

The Midwest is often under appreciated, so shout out some of your favorite bands and venues?

Jonah: Smino, The Pageant. 

Jude: Del Mar Hall is great. 

Paco: We’re naming all St. Louis shit, sorry. 

Jonah: Kanye! Mixed Millenial. 

What are your upcoming plans?

Jonah: Moving to LA in like two weeks. And projects. I got mine dropping in like two weeks, and Paco’s is dropping next month. Probably gonna roll out a few singles. And just trying to get on the map, trying to play some shows, trying to do the thing. 

Favorite serial killer?

Jonah: Charles Manson, 100%. 

Paco: Was he a serial killer? 

Jonah: He had like twenty bodies. 

Jude: Man, I don’t have a favorite serial killer. 

Jonah during his live set.

Jonah Roy’s Youtube | Jonah Roy’s Website | “Mind Games” on Amazon Music | Paco on Spotify | Jonah Roy on Spotify | Jonah Roy on Soundcloud | Paco’s Instagram | Jonah Roy’s Instagram

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