Interview with No Curfew

No Curfew’s live set.

Roadtripping to Earth Surf Skate Park outside of St. Louis for Scrunchie’s first post-pandemic show, Sarah, Weronika, and Theo interviewed the night’s opening set, No Curfew! The high-energy rap collective–composed of members Ant $miff, Misguided Max, Fina Dinero, Tay-ferda, Nissanjup, Lawla, Retro Flame, and K-Menace–hung out with us before their first show ever for a quick Q&A.

Go to gas station order?

Mobil is the gas station. Chili Doritos. Gatorade. Flaming hot cheetos. Calypso lemonade. Arizona green tea. Body armor. Vitamin water. 

First impressions when you joined the band?

We all are just friends and came together. There was no initiation. We didn’t go to the same school, we met at parties. We’ve known each other for hellas. We just kind of know each other. 

How does it feel to be playing a live show after the pandemic?

Crazy. Lit. Insane. Dreams to reality. First show ever. 

What was the process of putting this together like?

Hectic. Chaotic. It kind of felt rushed in a sense, it snuck up on us. We weren’t prepared. We’ve never done a show. 

The group joins us for a Q&A in the skate park.

you think you’ve grown as artists during the pandemic?

I’ve gotten taller since I’ve started making music. Mental progression as well. I used to make all my music myself, and it was ass, to be honest. Going to the studio with all of them really started me up. A lot of weed and a lot of classical music. Acid trip where we almost got hit by a car. It was fucking nuts. 

The Midwest is often under appreciated, so shout out some of your favorite bands and venues?

MGK. No Curfew! Juice. Smino. No Curfew is the best collective out of the midwest. 

What are your upcoming plans?

Go to the moon. Hella singles. Hella albums. Make the world smaller for us. We have our album coming out in a couple months.

favorite serial killer?

Charles Manson. Not technically a serial killer but like his collective thinking. John Wayne Gaby. Can I say Chucky? Chucky is my favorite serial killer. BTK. 

No Curfew soundchecks before doors open.

Check out No Curfew on Instagram!

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