Interview with Storm Coast

We interviewed LA-based indie dreampunk band Storm Coast before their set opening up for Mudpuppy at The Smell! Storm Coast is composed of vocalist and guitarist Jack, drummer Yams, bassist Alex, and guitarist Steven.

What is your go-to gas station order when you’re on tour?

Steven: Dr. Pepper, we’ve done this so many times, especially for practice. We’re always so busy. My go-to is a Dr. Pepper, cheeseburger, hot dog, and maybe a corn dog if I’m feeling into it. For later on in the practice.

Alex: Flamin’ Hot Lays, Hot Cheetos, too. Necessary.

Yams: Iced Coffee, and a spicy hot dog, and some nacho cheese.

Jack: Classic hot dog, jumbo spicy one, and some Hot Cheetos. Maybe an Arizona Iced Tea or something.

What was your first impression of your bandmates when you met?

Steven: Oh man, that was a long time ago. My first impression, we had been talking online for awhile, I was doing like a podcast, and so me and Jack, we communicated here and there, we were trying to cross paths and end up at the same show. And we finally did. I was shooting this band in the dark, he held up his phone, put a light up there, we were sharing beers and stuff, I found that, I found my bandmate, my band soulmate. We’ve been doing shit ever since then. So that’s a good impression, yeah.

Alex: We’re siblings, so. No first impression.

Yams: I met Jack when he trained me when I started working as a Pizza Hut delivery driver. We actually became friends because we had a similar interest in music, he showed me a bunch of bands like Crystal Castles and Mstrkrft and stuff. After that we were just friends, and I found out he played guitar and I played drums and we started jamming. And then my brother heard the music and he was like, “Can I play too?”.

Steven: My first thought was “Geniuses.”

Jack: Obviously I just wanted people who are cool, not any drama, just passionate about the music that I was trying to create. Kind of had that post-punk, dreamy indie garage rock sound, like The Strokes, The Cure, Joy Division, Bloc Party. The songs, they liked that, they liked what I was creating, and that definitely worked. So I was like okay, cool.

What artist would be your dream collaboration?

Steven: Johnny Marr, hands down. Even if I was just his guitar tech, I would do that shit.

Alex: Anything with The 1975.

Yams: Um, well, if it were a long time ago, I would have said AFI.

Jack: For me, that’s a hard question. I like all types of music. I’ll take it back to one of my early influences, which is Julian Casablancas.

Steven: That band is 20, 25 years old?

Jack: Yeah, 20 years old. Huge inspiration.

What song are you most proud of and why?

Steven: Oh man, I would say we’ve had a lot of fun writing together. We’ve been collaborating, when the pandemic hit we kind of had to recreate our sound. I would say the one that we all wrote together, the first one, “Daffodils,” that’s the one I’m most proud of. Because that’s the one we wrote together, and we all collaborated so much. We just joined together for that. That’s the one I’m most proud of.

Alex: “The Universe,” it’s catchy, easy to get attached to.

Yams: I’d say “Oceans,” that’s my favorite one.

Jack: For me, I have so many favorites. I would say right now, with us as a solid lineup, our song “The Universe Will Turn Into Nothing,” I feel like that one’s really special. The first one that was really meaningful, I wanna write meaningful songs. Like it’s about how even if the world’s going to shit, with the pandemic, everything feels like it’s falling apart, and you all just happen to die or something, you’re just happy you met the people that you met, whether it’s your friends, or your family. You’re born and you don’t have a choice who’s your brother or sister, but you’re happy with the people you have in your life. So that one’s really special.

What are your goals for the next year?

Steven: We’re planning on recording more, we had a lot of momentum last year, with just writing new ideas, which was great because every time we practice we have a new song or a new riff. Everybody brings something to the table. We have such a wealth of songs that we want to start working on more, we want to record, we have music videos that we wanna do. As far as I know, I can’t wait to start recording. I love recording and stuff, so I’m definitely interested in getting to that.

Alex: I’ll mimic that, but I’ll say long story short finish our album.

Yams: Yeah, I wanna finish the album and finish the rest of the recording and just release it.

Jack: Keep writing songs, because I love writing songs. We don’t have time, but I wish I could write with them every single day, just wake up and start writing. Definitely record more. Just put out as much content as we can.

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