Q&A with Mark Vogel

Mark Vogel filled out a quick Q&A for us! Mark Vogel is a long-time music producer with some amazing credits to his name, including producing music on the TV show Full House. He is releasing a Christmas song, “Fa La La,” on Friday, December 10th!

How does producing music for television compare to producing music for streaming and radio? How is it different from creating music yourself? 

Music for television is very picture based.  You watch a scene and then score the music to move the story along.  It has its own parameters so there’s that..and producing music for streaming and radio, the rules are based on pop culture.  So, verses and choruses with words and music.  In the classical days there were very specific rules of how you could write a Sonata or a symphony.  There’s always rules, and there’s lots of freedom if you know the rules.

What made you decide to make the transition from TV production to your own creative endeavors? 

One of the biggest names in music advised me to become a record producer.  I sat in his office in awe of his words because I was doing so well in teleivision music. He said he would help me (he is responsible for countless number ones) and he did.

What are you most looking forward to about starting to make your own music again? Is there anything you’ll miss about producing music for others? 

I will be doing both.  I think it’s really an artistic move to create for others.  Keeps you on your toes and ideas that are collaborative are best for me.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

Christmas cookies.  Christmas breakfast.  Christmas Eve dinner followed by the family singing the 12 Days….I guess food and family are everything to me.

Did you incorporate your actual holiday traditions/activities/sentiments into “Fa La La”?

I certainly thought about them while I was singing the vocal.  It’s important to be authentic and write and sing what you know and love.

Which songs would you consider to be the most iconic holiday songs of all time, and did they serve as inspiration to you for your new single?

“O Holy Night” is my favorite.  The melody is amazing.  I love all the fun songs as well, “Jingle Bells”, “Winter Wonderland” and “Joy To The World”!  Great inspiration!

Considering your background in television, what are your favorite holiday episodes or movies? Which films do you think have a particularly great soundtrack or score?

“The Family Man” is a movie at the holidays that’s heartwarming.  It was a film about 20 years ago.  I’m a huge fan of “A Christmas Carol” (all of them) and “It’s A Wonderful Life!”  “White Christmas” may be my favorite – as a kid I got to sing it with Bing Crosby on NBC!

Tell us a bit more about the writing/production process of your latest single!

Barry Anderson and I wrote FaLaLa based on an idea he had.  I loved the bounce of the words and the sexy vibe it has.  It’s playful and holiday and what’s wrong with that 🙂  When we were writing, it had to be lyrics that were on point.  It’s kind of specific and I believe that is what makes it really work.

With years and years of experience in the industry behind you, what lesson have you taken away from your career thus far that you would offer as advice to a new pupil?

4 things:  Work hard.  Work everyday.  Love what you do.  Be grateful.

Besides your single, “Fa La La,” which drops today, what upcoming plans are on the horizon for you in 2022? 

That is the question of the day.  I’m signing a new deal in January.  Please stay tuned…it’s big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Merry Christmas!!

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