“Growing Older” By Cardboard Boxer

“Growing Older” by our old friends, San Diego based indie punk band Cardboard Boxer, came out today!

This catchy, thoroughly enjoyable release dives right in and cuts to the chase with no introductory fanfare, just an emotional wail, and both the drums and bass of the rhythm section slamming right in; jammy guitars join in mere moments later. The star of this show, however, is definitely the deep, mellow vocals that contain an almost operatic quality.

The song contains garage rock and punk influences, but is set apart from the genre by the pleasant, easy-listening vocals, reminiscent of indie, Strokes-inspired bands like Benches, but with a harder, more punky edge that almost reminds you of the Buzzcocks.

The song feels endearingly romantic, with the continued refrain of “Rest your head upon my shoulder feel my body getting older.” The song could be described as a love song, serenading a girl described as more than just a friend with emotional inflection; the listener is filled with hope for the future of the happy couple. The single art depicts a mustachioed man that looks like he could be from a Realist painting, adding to the classic romance vibes of the song. However, the song also contains darker themes, expressing fears of getting sicker and wasting all of your current youth as it slips through your fingers.

PS: We first met Cardboard Boxer on tour with Mudpuppy—check out our interview with the band here and the tour diary here!


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