About Us

Scrunchie’s beginning was simple; in 2018, a couple college students posed as journalists to get backstage with one of their favorite bands. Not only did it work, but it led to something bigger. Here was the chance to live out Almost Famous. We threw ourselves into the current music scene and started interviewing artists, getting involved with our local DIY venues, and joining tours to capture some of the story behind the music.

At Scrunchie, we’re both the hard-working, ingenue William Miller and aloof, alluring Penny Lane; we started as fans, so we know what fans want to see. We know music journalism is about more than describing sound bites, but capturing complete emotion and experience across rich stories and the melding of multiple art forms and personal, attentive interviews. We use our knowledge, wit, and charm to tap into the current Zillennial zeitgeist to show our audience what they’ve always wanted to know.

Through that, we’re making a name for ourselves among the alternative and the underground. We value diversity—not only across the genres of music we cover but in the varied content we produce, ranging from stories, interviews, reviews, essays, livestreams and photo diaries.