Meet the Band-Aids

Band aids:

Sarah (she/they)

Sarah (right) is the founder of Scrunchie, and a writer/blogger/editor from nowhere, Iowa. She graduated from Coe College in 2021 with degrees in English and Communications, and now resides in Chicago working as a booking agent, social media manager, and editor. Some of her favorite bands are I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, Fall Out Boy, and Peach Pit.

Problem causer, band boy crusher, big sweater wearer

Jillian (she/her)

Jillian is our incredibly talented resident artist. She resides in a van with her boyfriend and has been creating her whole life. She’s also vegetarian. Jillian can often be found listening to Grumpster, Tenacious D, and Beyonce. Sarah and Jillian met online in 2017.

Tooth fanatic, fake gamer girl, and ferocious crocheter.

Weronika (she/her)

Weronika (“ver-on-ick-uh”) is second-in-command. She graduated from DePaul University in 2021 with degrees in Writing and Graphic Design. She lives with Sarah in Chicago. Ask her about Harry Styles, Hippo Campus, and Hayley Williams. Weronika and Sarah met at a basement show in 2016.

Teenybopper veteran, writer with imposter syndrome, oat milk enthusiast.

Ray (she/her)

Ray is our tried and true photographer. She is from New Jersey and won’t ever let you forget it. When not taking pictures, Ray enjoys ceramics and Dungeons & Dragons. Her favorite artists are PUP, The Front Bottoms, and Jeff Rosenstock. Sarah and Ray met online in 2017.

4′ 10″ gnome, cheese eater, anime tattoo haver.